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Roll of Honour WW1

To Catholics who have served and continue to serve in the Armed Forces, the presence of a chaplain is a reminder of the Church’s concern for the spiritual and pastoral welfare of military personnel and their dependents.

Catholic priests had been serving as commissioned chaplains since 1858 but the First World War brought dramatic changes to military chaplaincy. As the number of servicemen increased so too did the demand for chaplains and by the end of the war over 5,000 clergymen, Christian and Jewish, had served in an army uniform. Of these, over 800 were Catholic priests, secular and regular, from Britain and Ireland.

As Remembrance fast approaches we remember all those chaplains who died following those they served.  Remembering especially whose Catholic Chaplains who gave their lives.

Royal Navy

Fr Basil Gwydir age 47 Fr Stewart Joseph Phelan age 37


Army Chaplains Department

Fr Thomas Leo Baines age 31 Fr Umberto Michael Bertini age 33
Fr Henry Norbert Birt age 58 Fr Matthew Forster Burdess age 39
Fr Timothy Carey age 41 Fr Stephen Clarke age 30
Fr Herbert Collins age 35 Fr Arthur Martin Cowd age 28
Fr Dennis Doyle age 38 Fr William Joseph Doyle MC age 44
Fr William Joseph Finn age 40 Fr John J. Fitzgibbon MC age 38
Fr Michael Patrick Gordon age 34 Fr Peter Grobel age 52
Fr David Michael Guthrie age 33 Fr John Gwynn age 49
Fr Jeremiah Austin Hartigan age 33 Fr Bernard Kavanagh age 53
Fr Simon Stock Knapp DSO MC age 59 Fr James Thomas Leeson age 40
Fr Patrick Looby age 28 Fr Cornelius Francis Maher age 57
Fr Lewis Joseph Matthews age 60 Fr Cornelius Raphael McAuliffe age 29
Fr John Joseph McDonnell age 41 Fr Henry Cuthbert McGinty age 36
Fr John Joseph McIlvaine age 31 Fr Walter Philip Montagu age 32
Fr Laurence O’Dea age 66 Fr James Isidore O’Meehan age 52
Fr Donal O’Sullivan age 36 Fr Matthew Prendergast age 37
Fr Michael Ryan age 59 Fr James Shine age 37
Fr Joseph Strickland age 53 Fr Charles Watson age 51
Fr John A. Watters age 26 Fr Charles B. Whitefoord age 33


Requiescant in Pace

Podcasts: Listen here to some of our current Military Chaplains talking about their important work. Also here.

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