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Searching for the light of Christ

I was bought a telescope a few years ago when I lived in London. Looking at the stars was an exercise in futility. Far too much light pollution in London. Even out in Hampshire I fair little better. To see the stars you need a dark place.

The world’s largest telescope is set inside Maunakea Volcano in Hawaii. Very little light pollution there. Hubble, of course, hangs in the darkness of outer space.

It seems counter-intuitive. Normally to see things better we put lights on, not turn them off. Not so with the stars.

Searching for the light of Christ in our world can be so difficult. The pollution of our modern age can obscure Him. The light pollution on Oxford Street can blind us all as we cannot see past the commercial glitz Christmas has become.

Advent is an invitation to acknowledge the dark corners of our lives and rather than ignore them, enter into them. Enter that dark place because we long to see the true light. It is not an easy step to take. The Wise Men, having followed as start, enter into the darkness of a manger to find the Light of the World.

This Advent, rather than escape from your fear of darkness by following the crowds to the blinding bright lights of the high street, bravely and with faith and hope, step into those part of our lives we run from, and in those dark places we can find the Light of Life.


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