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The Campion Dinner at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Thursday 18th October 2018

On the 18th October, I had the great privilege of attending the Campion Dinner at Sandhurst. This annual event brings together, among others, chaplains, Academy alumni, severing officers as well as current cadets.

To do so in the name of Edmund Campion is very fitting.  A man of great learning, integrity and, of course, faith and moral courage. Qualities in which we all need to immerse our lives in order to live out our baptismal vocation.

After Mass in the Catholic Chapel, we had supper in the Indian Army Memorial Room during which Retired Brigadier Justin Maciejewski took up the theme of living out one’s faith in the military as he gave a very engaging and entertaining account of his own experience.

At the heart of this was the centeredness and focus which our Catholic faith gives us and how such focus and purpose can make an effective leader and give confidence to those with whom you serve. A confidence born of the integrity our faith can and should make manifest.

Meeting the cadets certainly gave me the confidence in the young men I met whose faith will, please God, sustain them as they prepare for and subsequently exercise, leadership.

I must admit, it did cross my mind what fine priests they might also make. Perhaps I should tell them!

Bishop Paul Mason

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