Our mission:

To provide the very best operational, spiritual and pastoral support, primarily for Catholic servicemen and women (and their families) and chaplains, wherever, whenever and in whatever form it is needed. Additionally, to respond to the needs of anyone of any creed or none, who turns to a Catholic chaplain for support.

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  • Anniversary of Saint Joan of Arc Catholic Memorial Church, Catterick Garrison

    On 30 May 2019, the 90th Anniversary of the founding of Saint Joan of Arc Catholic Memorial Church, Catterick Garrison, will be commemorated with Mass, celebrated by the Right Reverend Paul Mason, Bishop of the Forces.  From its inception, the church was intended as a national Catholic Memorial Church, for

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  • Searching for the light of Christ

    I was bought a telescope a few years ago when I lived in London. Looking at the stars was an exercise in futility. Far too much light pollution in London. Even out in Hampshire I fair little better. To see the stars you need a dark place. The world’s largest

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  • Military Chaplains: Ministering on the ‘front lines’ of the faith

    The 100th anniversary of the end of World War I is being remembered the world over on Sunday. A Military Bishop reflects on the role of military chaplains during peace time. “We can have these ideas that the [military chaplain] spends most of his life knee deep in blood on

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