Key Events

62nd International Military Pilgrimage to Lourdes
12 - 16 may 2022

After an enforced break of 2 years, the International Military Pilgrimage (IMP) to Lourdes will once again be taking place.  The 62nd IMP takes place between 12 and 16 May, 2022.  Military personnel from around the globe will gather in an act of renewed international fraternity and celebration.

The UK contingent will join with Bishop Paul Mason, the Service Principal Roman Catholic Chaplains, and other chaplains.  Booking for the event can be made at and further information can be found in the Defence Instruction Notice, 2022DIN01-033.

Bishopric of the Forces Retreat Series - 2022

The Defence Instructions and Notices (DIN) giving information for the 2022 series of HM Forces Bishopric Retreats has just been published.  Search for it on Defence Net at 2022DIN01-013.

The Bishopric Retreats have been running successfully over many years and provide an inherently Catholic retreat experience for all members of the Whole Force in a Benedictine Abbey environment.  
3 opportunities for retreat are offered this year at:
- Douai Abbey 7 to 10 Jun
- Worth Abbey 3 to 6 Oct
- Ampleforth Abbey 14 to 17 Nov

Ideal for time away to build spiritual resilience.  Contact Jem Wynne at for further information.


12 - 16 May,   International Military Pilgrimage, Lourdes, France
7 - 10 June, HM Forces Bishopric Retreat, Douai Abbey, Berkshire
21 June, RAF Pastoral Advisory Group Meeting
3 - 8 July, Bishopric CPD, Valladolid
10 July,  Annual Naval Mass, 1000 Cathedral of St John the Evangelist, Portsmouth
17 July,   Annual Naval Mass, 
1000 Cathedral of St Mary and St Boniface, Plymouth
21 - 26 August, Apostolat Militaire International Conference, London
13 September, RAF Pastoral Advisory Group Meeting
15 - 22 September, HM Forces Bishopric Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage
3 - 6 October, HM Forces Bishopric Retreat, Worth Abbey, West Sussex
20 October, Annual RAF Mass, 1400 Central Church of the RAF, St Clement Danes
13 November,  Solemn Requiem Mass for the Fallen, 1000 Westminster Cathedral
14 - 17 November, HM Forces Bishopric Retreat, Ampleforth Abbey, Nth Yorks
28 - 30 November, Catholic Military Association led retreat, Beckett House, Shrivenham

7 - 9 February, RAF Pastoral Advisory Group Meeting and Retreat, Douai Abbey