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Key Events

The Defence Instructions and Notices (DIN) giving information for the 2023 series of HM Forces Bishopric Retreats has just been published (2023DIN01-003).

The Bishopric Retreats have been running successfully over many years and provide an inherently Catholic retreat experience for all members of the Whole Force in a Benedictine Abbey environment.  
3 opportunities for retreat are offered this year at:

- Douai Abbey 13th to 16th June
- Worth Abbey 18th to 21st September
- Ampleforth Abbey 30th October to 2nd November

Ideal for time away to build spiritual resilience.  To register your interest plea
se complete the appropriate registration form at Annex A, B or C of the DIN and return the form to Sgt Routledge RAF at


Chrism Mass

Wednesday 29th March at 1200 in Cathedral of St Michael and St George, Aldershot



Saturday 8th - Saturday15th April - Easter HCPT Armed Forces Region Childrens Pilgrimage to Lourdes

Wednesday 10th May - Thursday 18th May HCPT Joint Services Hosanna House Group Pilgrimage to Lourdes

Thursday 11th - Monday15th May - International Military Pilgrimage to Lourdes

Chaplains CPD and Conference

Sunday 2nd - Friday 7th July at The Royal Scots College, Salamanca, Spain

Service Masses

Annual Naval Mass - Sunday 9th July at 1000 in St John's Cathedral, Portsmouth



Tuesday 13th - Friday 16th June at Douai Abbey, near Reading, Berkshire

Monday 18th - Thursday 21st September at Worth Abbey, West Sussex 

Monday 30th October - Thursday 2nd November at Ampleforth Abbey, North Yorkshire

Remembrance Weekend

Sunday 12th November at 1000 Solemn Requiem Mass for the Fallen in Westminster Cathedral

Bishopric of the Forces Retreat Series - 2023

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