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Royal Navy


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 The Very Reverend

David Conroy KHC VE RN,

Principal Roman Catholic Chaplain and Vicar Episcopal for the Royal Navy

Deputy Chaplain of the Fleet

Welcome to the Royal Navy section of the Bishopric website where hopefully you will get a flavour of what life is like for our serving Catholic laity and clergy. The Royal Navy is distinct in the way that its chaplains minister to its people, devoid as we are of structured rank. Instead we use the convention that the rank of chaplain ‘floats’ to match the rank of whoever the chaplain is talking to, thus ensuring that the conversation happens between equals. It’s a convention that the Senior Service has used for centuries and it has served us well, allowing Sailors and Royal Marines to use the familiar term ‘Bish’ when addressing their chaplain. 

The Gospels are awash with events that happen on, or close to, the sea. As catholic priests, serving in this challenging but hugely rewarding environment, we seek to make the Gospel of Christ real to our men and women so that they are supported morally, spiritually and emotionally as they serve our great maritime nation. And our catholic serving personnel respond with great enthusiasm and faith. 
For our chaplains this is a specialist ministry. Our naval ‘parish’ is diverse, young and enthusiastic. As well as serving their country our people also face the challenges of everyday life. We are here to be with them on that journey, to celebrate the sacraments with them, to pray with them and to encourage them in their faith. It would give us great comfort to know that you, whoever you are and wherever you may be, are praying for us too, perhaps using the final verse of the naval hymn:

O Trinity of love and power! Our brethren’s shield in danger’s hour;From rock and tempest, fire and foe,Protect them wheresoe’er they go;Thus evermore shall rise to TheeGlad hymns of praise from land and sea.

Finally, if you would like to know more about catholic life in the Royal Navy please feel free to get in touch either with me directly or via our Pastoral Assistant Ian Crabtree 

Ian also looks after sacramental preparation, religious and social events. If you would like to be added to our database and receive updates about IMP Lourdes, HCPT etc please let him know. 

Click here to find out about becoming a Catholic Chaplain in the Armed Forces.

Naval Catholic Community News

Naval Catholic Community News

For the latest News see the News page
Future Events


Annual Naval Mass

Sunday 14th July at 1000 in St John's Cathedral, Portsmouth

Sunday 20th July at 1000 in Cathedral Church of St Mary & St Boniface, Plymouth




Welcome to our Catholic Community

Aoife Elara Hobby

baptised on 15 July 2023 in St Ann's Church, HM Naval Base, Portsmouth, by Fr Peter Stoddart RN


Emily Rose McDonough and Olivia Grace McDonough

baptised on 2 April 2023 in St Ann's Church, HM Naval Base, Portsmouth, by Dcn John Cumpsty (OCM)

Jasper Patrick Thomas Cotgreave

baptised on 22 October 2022 in Holy Trinity Chapel,

HMS Sultan, Gosport, by Fr Rob Carey RN

Philip William Flood

baptised on 22 October 2022 in HMS VICTORY, HM Naval Base, Portsmouth, by Fr David Conroy KHC EV RN

Zachary Andrew John Durbin

baptised on 1 October 2022 in HMS DUNCAN, HM Naval Base, Portsmouth, by Fr Rob Carey RN

Alexander Dakin

baptised on 13 August 2022 in Church of St George with St Gabriel, HMS Collingwood, Fareham,

by Fr David Conroy QHC EV RN




Mr Edward Sheldon and Lt Lauren Davies RN

who were married in St Joseph's Church, Havant, Hampshire,

on 6 August 2022 by Fr Joe Gruszkiewicz, Parish Priest


Principal Roman Catholic Chaplain

and Episcopal Vicar for the Royal Navy

The Very Reverend David Conroy KHC EV RN (Galloway) 


Reverend Robert Matau RN (Westminster)

Reverend Victor Dakwan RN (Ogoja)

Reverend Thomas Bakulumpagi RN (Southwark)

Reverend Charles Miller RN (Birmingham) 

Reverend Philip Carroll RN (Portsmouth)

Reverend Jude Okorie RN (Aba)

Reverend Rob Carey RN (Birmingham)

Reverend Sam Burke OP RN (Dominican Friars)

Reverend Peter Stoddart RN (Hexham and Newcastle)

Reverend Daniel Hernandez RN (Gibraltar) 

Officiating Chaplains to the Military (OCM)

Reverend Jean-Patrice Coulon

Reverend Deacon John Cumpsty

Reverend David Gamble

Reverend John Humphreys

Reverend Michael Maloney

Reverend Mgr Bartholomew Nannery

Reverend Deacon Philip Waites

Pastoral Assistant

Commander Ian Crabtree KSG RN (Rtd)  

Naval Chaplaincy Service Headquarters

Very Reverend David Conroy KHC EV RN

Deputy Chaplain of the Fleet


NCS Headquarters,

Tanner Building, HMS Excellent,

Portsmouth, Hampshire


Surface Flotilla

Reverend Jude Okorie RN


c/o HMNB Portsmouth Chaplaincy


Reverend Peter Stoddart RN


c/o HMNB Portsmouth Chaplaincy


Reverend Victor Dakwan RN


c/o HMNB Devonport Chaplaincy

Reverend Sam Burke OP RN


c/o HMNB Devonport Chaplaincy


Reverend Rob Carey RN


c/o HMNB Devonport Chaplaincy

HM Naval Base Clyde

OCM: Reverend Michael Maloney


The Chaplaincy, HMS Neptune,

HMNB Clyde, Faslane, Helensburgh,

Argyll & Bute, Scotland

G84 8HL

T: 01436 674321 Ext 8266


HM Naval Base Devonport

Reverend Charles Miller RN


OCM: Reverend Mgr Bartholomew Nannery


The Chaplaincy, Fisher Block,

HMS Drake, HMNB Devonport,


T: 01752 555931

HM Naval Base Portsmouth


OCM: Reverend John Humphreys

OCM: Reverend Deacon John Cumpsty

The Chaplaincy, Rodney Block,

HMS Nelson, Queen Street,

Portsmouth, Hampshire


T: 02392 723000

Britannia Royal Naval College

Reverend Robert Matau RN


The Chaplaincy, BRNC,

College Way, Dartmouth, Devon,


T: 01803 677021

Commando Logistics Regiment Royal Marines

OCM: Reverend Deacon Philip Waites



The Chaplaincy, CDO LOG REGT RM, 

Chivenor, Barnstaple, Devon 

EX31 4AZ

T: 01271 879344

Commando Training Centre Royal Marines

 Reverend Philip Carroll RN



The Chaplaincy, CTCRM,

Lympstone, Exmouth, Devon


T: 01392 414178

HMS Collingwood

Commander Ian Crabtree KSG RN (rtd)


The Chaplaincy. HMS Collingwood,

Newgate Lane, Fareham, Hampshire

PO14 1AS

T: 01329 335277

HMS Eaglet

OCM: Reverend David Gamble


The Chaplaincy, HMS Eaglet, 

RNHQ Merseyside, 

East Brunswick Dock, Liverpool

L3 4DZ

T: 0151 929 2149

HMS Raleigh

Reverend Thomas Bakulumpagi RN



The Chaplaincy, HMS Raleigh,

Torpoint, Cornwall 

PL11 2PD

T: 01752 811225

RN Air Station Yeovilton

OCM: Reverend Jean-Patrice Coulon


The Chaplaincy HMS Heron, RNAS Yeovilton,

Yeovil, Somerset

BA22 8HT
(Served from The Holy Ghost Church,

The Avenue, Yeovil, Somerset BA21 4AR)

T: 01935 423549

HQBF Gibraltar

Reverend Danny Hernandez RN


Command Chaplain, The King’s Chapel, 

Main Street, Gibraltar 


T: 00350 2005 5414

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