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Commemoration of the 80th Anniversary of the Liberation of Rome

Bishop Paul Mason led a service of thanksgiving to mark the eightieth anniversary of the Liberation of Rome by Allied forces. The apostolic nuncio Archbishop Miguel Maury Buendía delivered a message to the congregation from Pope Francis. Descentas of soldiers that served in the 1944-5 Italian campaign attended the service.

Rome and Vatican City were liberated by Allied troops on  4th June 1944 following four months of fighting south of the  city which cost the lives of more than 6,000 soldiers from  the Canada, France. the Indian subcontinent. Ireland, Italy,  New Zealand, Poland, South Africa, the UK and the US.  


There was heavy loss of life in the civilian population and  unwilling German conscripts were killed and  many  wounded. On 12th June 1944, the first Papal Audience for  Allied troops following the liberation of Rome was  granted to 150 men of 38 (Irish) Brigade,  a formation that  recruited from Ireland and Irish communities in the UK  They included soldiers who were both Catholic and  Protestant and from northern and southern Ireland.


The war in Italy was to continue until 2 May 1945.

Photos credit: Ana Dobeson

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